OUR VISION: To enable Muslim Divorcees, Widows and Widowers in UK, Canada and USA

1. To identify their needs, problems and obstacles in their lives and assist them by using the available resources of Novel Support Links (NSL), other agencies and institutions

2. To identify a suitable marriage partner, if he/she wishes. This would enable them to enjoy companionship and intimacy for the remaining span of their life

We look forward to having you join the NSL community!


  1. Philosophy of Empowerment
  2. Commitment to Confidentiality and Credibility
  3. Education and Awareness
  4. Connection to Resources
  5. Connection to Community



Dr. Amir Lakha (UK) – President

Ms. Neelam Khaki (USA) – Vice President

Ms. Fatema Rashid (CANADA) – Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Mushtaqali Wazir (UK) – PR and Publicity

Ms. Farida Karim (UK) – PR and Publicity

Ms. Attyya Kamora (UK) – Hon. Minutes Secretary

We are a group of Muslim members from various backgrounds located in different cities around Canada, USA and UK, with the aim of helping people find their soul mates and providing support where needed.

We understand that you do not want others to know that you are looking for a spouse or support! Hence, we do not have your profiles displayed publicly for anyone and everyone to see.


There is a one-off fee of CAD$25 for Registration for each of the 2 services (Finding a Spouse and Finding Support) respectively. This is payable on completing the Form for the designated purpose

We sincerely hope and pray that we are, InshaAllah, able to assist you.

You can learn more about the process by clicking here